Gabrielle Chenault

Gabrielle Chenault (she/her) was born and raised in one of the most diverse places in the world: Queens, New York. Her experiences here pushed her to become a journalist. Gabrielle is a recent University of Southern California graduate and a proud HBCU alum of Hampton University.

Gabrielle is interested in covering Black culture and race-related topics that impact everyday society. As a journalist, Gabrielle’s goal is to always educate and not so much give a voice to the voiceless but amplify the voices they already possess.

Presently based in New York (with plans to relocate back to SoCal), Gabrielle loves to run, wander around the Metropolitan Museum of Art and try new restaurants. She’s a huge Burna Boy fan and has been to four shows (with plans to attend another soon).

Articles by Gabrielle Chenault

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