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AfroLA partners with the Black Men’s Summit

Updated Oct. 19, 2023 11:45 a.m.

AfroLA has partnered with The Culture with Farajii Muhammad, a podcast series broadcast on the Black Star Network, for coverage of the show’s first Black Men’s Summit. The Summit is a week of conversations framed around social, political and cultural issues Black men face today. The first day of the Summit coincides with the anniversary of the 1995 Million Man March demonstration on the National Mall.

Watch the Black Men’s Summit on the Black Star Network, or watch the episodes below.

Monday, Oct. 16

Black men in faith and spirituality

Centered around the organizing principles of the Million Man March, we’ll discuss the impact of religion on Black men and how spirituality is shaping how they see themselves and their understanding of God. 


  • Imam Abdul Salaam, Baltimore representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan 
  • Zentola, meditational leader and author 

Tuesday, Oct. 17

Black men in politics

How do we engage Black men to advocate for political power and representation? 


  • Rashad Staton, executive director of Community Law In Action 

Wednesday, Oct. 18

Black men in education

How are Black men in public education transforming educational experiences for Black youth?


  • Dr. Steve Perry, founder and head of Capital Preparatory Schools
  • Dr. David Miller, author of Dare To Be King Curriculum and Fulbright scholar 

Thursday, Oct. 19

Black men in media

How are the stories of Black men presented in the media, and how can Black men tell their own stories?


  • Ernest Owens, journalist, author and political writer-at-large for Philadelphia Magazine 
  • Richard Rowe, author and  mental health advocate for Black Mental Health 
  • Alex Blanc, producer and podcast host 

Friday, Oct. 20

Black men in family and community life

How can Black men become more involved in their families and communities?


  • Dr. Ray Winbush, psychologist, professor and author of The Warrior Method
  • Elijah Miles, community advocate and founder of Tendea Family 
  • Zo Williams, author, advocate and host of Voice of Reason (KBLA 1580 AM) 

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